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You Don’t Have To Face Deportation Alone

If you or your loved one is in removal proceedings in the immigration court, Stouffer Law can look into what options you have to fight the case based on your unique circumstances. Facing removal from the United States has serious consequences. Losing your case can result in family separation, being forced to leave your home of many years, and being sent into life-threatening, dangerous circumstances. We understand this, and we will advocate tirelessly for you and work with you to present the strongest case possible throughout the removal proceedings.

You can trust that we have the knowledge and skill to fight for you. Our lead attorney, Christine Stouffer, is proud to have served for years as the EOIR co-liaison to the San Francisco Immigration Court for the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association (AILA) Northern California Chapter.

Your Defense To Deportation

When you are taken into custody for a removal hearing, you will either receive a full hearing or an expedited hearing, depending on your legal status. You have options for defenses, including:

  • You qualify for asylum.
  • You cannot be removed based on the charges.
  • The government did not properly serve you with your notice to appear.
  • You qualify for permanent residency based on hardship to family members.

These are just a few examples of defenses. They are by no means automatic and can have many requirements, but we will do everything we can do to find the defense or defenses that best fit your situation.

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