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Ana Trujillo

Ana Trujillo

Senior Paralegal / Office Manager

Ana is a certified paralegal with past experience at a family law firm, and past immigration-related experience having volunteered at the non-profit organization Catholic Charities in Concord California before joining the Stouffer Law.

Ana became interested in working in immigration law growing up as an immigrant. Ana witnessed and experienced the difficulties immigrants lacking lawful status in the United States face day to day.  Ana was raised by immigrant parents who worked hard from sunrise to sundown in the fields of Salinas, California to raise her and her siblings. Ana has witnessed firsthand the sacrifices that hundreds of immigrant parents make coming to an unknown country seeking work and a brighter and safer future for their families. Ana is proud to be an immigrant herself and grateful to be able to help and make a difference in the lives of many people who are struggling like she and her family once did.

After obtaining legal status in the United States, Ana pursued a paralegal certificate in order to work within the field of immigration law. Ana enjoys being able to help people, and enjoys being part of a team of advocates at Stouffer Law who truly care about clients and strive to provide excellent and quality legal services.

Ana is fluent in English and Spanish.

Leslie Dueñas

Leslie Dueñas

Senior Paralegal

Leslie is a senior paralegal who has been working exclusively in immigration law for the last 8 years. She received her Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley, double majoring in Social Welfare and Ethnic Studies. Since graduation, she has worked in reputable local private immigration law firms and non-profits, like Van Der Hout, LLP and Immigration Institute of the Bay Area. Leslie is passionate about immigration law and about advocating for immigrant’s rights. 

Leslie grew an interest in immigration law since she was young, being born and raised in Salinas, CA, an agricultural immigrant community. Coming from an immigrant family, she always grew up with an awareness of different factors that affect immigrant families and communities. She further explored her interest in immigration law during her 4 years at UC Berkeley, interning at local immigration nonprofits like the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, and the Immigration Institute of the Bay Area. Thus, after graduation she wanted to immediately work in immigration law to further assist immigrant communities. 

Leslie is fluent in English and Spanish.

Erica Monzon

Erica Monzon

Administrative Assistant

Erica is the proud daughter of immigrants and a native of San Francisco with more than 20 years of administrative experience in companies throughout the Bay Area.

Prior to her time at Stouffer Law, Erica was the lead administrative assistant for a major labor company in Northern California, where she worked closely with the executive team to establish a management-to-employee workflow and communication system that employed dozens of workers in underserved communities.

After almost two decades of balancing a family of 3 children and work, she pivoted to a career that will allow her to grow as a professional with a new challenge — following her passion for helping others.

In joining Stouffer Law Erica is excited to help the legal team better navigate clients through a critical transition in their lives — much like she did for her parents 25 years ago. She enjoys meeting people from different countries who, just like her parents, immigrated to the United States and sought a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

Erica is fluent in English and Spanish.

Elsie Duran

Elsie Duran

Legal Assistant

Elsie is a certified paralegal. Her parents immigrated from El Salvador and thankfully were able to legalize their status and no longer fear what could happen. Pushed by her parents to go to school to have a better future and struggle less than they had, Elsie earned her college degree in 2022.
Elsie faced family separation from her husband firsthand for two years while he was going through his immigration process. During this difficult period, she was essentially a single parent to two young children. Enduring this difficulty made her resolved to get into the legal field. She received her certificate as a certified paralegal and will complete her in May 2023.
Elsie joined the team at Stouffer Law as a legal assistant after first completing her paralegal studies internship with the office. She feels fortunate to have met amazing colleagues who helped her decide that immigration law is the career she wants to pursue.
Elsie is fluent in English and Spanish.