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What is “asylum” under U.S. immigration law?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2023 | Immigration

People come to America from other countries for many different reasons, but many of those individuals and families are looking for a better life in some way or another. This is never truer than for those who come to America seeking “asylum.”

So, what is “asylum” under U.S. immigration law? Well, in essence, it is a category under which those who come to America can seek to remain lawfully. Those who are seeking asylum must meet many requirements in order to legally qualify—just like every other category under immigration law.

Asylum basics

One aspect of asylum that makes it different than other immigration categories is that it is about one thing primarily: protection. Those who seek asylum in America usually allege that they are doing so from fear of persecution in their home countries. That persecution could be based on any of a wide variety of factors, such as the person’s religious beliefs, race or even political beliefs, among others. Quite simply, asylum applicants might be in danger.

Anyone who is seeking asylum will need to be sure to follow every step of the immigration process correctly. Any of our readers who have been involved in the immigration process probably know just how complicated things can be sometimes. Dealing with the legal complications, while at the same time possibly fleeing from dangerous and stressful situations in your home country, can potentially lead to errors in the immigration process. Be sure to get the information you need to get through the asylum application process as smoothly as possible.