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Asylum or visas possible for Afghans who might have been blocked

by | Jun 30, 2022 | Immigration

Around the world, people who are in countries that have been ravaged by war or are persecuted for a specific reason will think about being granted asylum to come to the United States. Many will want to settle in California to live and work with their family. However, there are often obstacles that prevent it. It is important for people to understand how the United States is handling situations in which people are trying to enter the U.S. legally due to danger or persecution. We can provide this level of guidance and representation.

U.S. relaxes harsh rules for some Afghan asylum-seekers

Since the Taliban took over as the ruling entity in Afghanistan, a significant number of Afghans have tried to enter the U.S. for safety. A rule that designated some as terrorists because they might have had a minimal link to the Taliban is being relaxed. People will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Many worked in professional fields in Afghanistan such as physicians or engineers and had no alternative but to work for the Taliban. This association hindered attempts to gain asylum or receive a visa. The U.S. withdrew its military troops in August 2021 and this started a wave of people from that country.

The terrorism allegations are enough to prevent people from getting the approval. It can come about for myriad reasons. Some worked for the U.S. during its time in the country. Around 79,000 people have been allowed to enter the country since August.

Still, those who attempted to do harm to Americans or people associated with the U.S. will likely be rejected even with the exceptions. Several parts of California are known landing spots for Afghan immigrants as more than half live there, in New York and Washington.

We may be able to help Afghans and others with their visa and asylum issues

Those who are trying to come to the U.S. as they flee repression and danger might not have a full grasp of the law. The desperation they feel to find safe ground can leave them wondering what they will do and what steps are available if they are not granted asylum. With this change, many people will likely find safety in the U.S. when they otherwise might not.

When this is an issue for people coming from a war-torn area, seeking asylum for another reason or who have family attempting to live in the U.S., it is vital to have professional help. We have extensive experience with all areas of immigration, are multilingual and have the knowledge to provide comprehensive assistance with asylum and other complex concerns.