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President’s Late-Night Tweet Threatening All Immigration – We Keep Fighting!

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2020 | Firm News

Dear clients and potential clients,

We know many of you will have seen the Tweet by the current president sent late last night threatening an Executive Order halting immigration.

For now, there’s no need to panic:

  • There is no Executive Order yet. This is so far just another late-night Tweet. Until we have an actual Executive Order nothing has changed.
  • There will likely be an Executive Order in the coming days. That’s when we’ll see the details. We can’t know whether it will be focused on Consular Processing (which wouldn’t change much in the short term since practically speaking U.S. Embassies are nearly closed given the pandemic anyway), or whether it’s also going to cross over into trying to also limit USCIS-based applications.
  • The legality of the Executive Order will surely be challenged in Federal Court, as has been the case of just about every earlier Executive Order from this President. This means that the Executive Order will likely be suspended until the Court weighs in on the issues.
  • Anyone who is not a USC should really not travel outside the time being, or they are at serious risk of having troubles getting back.

This Tweet is yet another cruel and senseless message trying to scapegoat immigrants. It seems clear the timing of this message comes to specifically deflect attention and blame away from the criticism faced by the administration for completely mishandled the response to COVID-19. We and/or our families are also immigrants. We know it’s difficult to read a message like this, but we also know that immigrants always have been and always will be truly what makes our country great. We see revealed during the COVID-19 crisis who are the essential workers and know what a large percentage of those workers are immigrants.

We want you to know that we are still here fighting for you and we are not going anywhere! Yes, we’re working remotely by and large so that we keep our families and yours safe, but we are fully up and running while respecting the Shelter-in-Place orders.

We will keep monitoring the situation closely. You can check back here for updates.

In solidarity,

Our Team